Why are my Insights not displaying accurately?

Insights relies on the tracking of user actions when they are logged into Vidigami, such as tagging, uploads and downloads. If your Insights page appears to be inaccurate, this might be because you are either:

  • Connected to a secure VPN

In this case, your Insights might be blocked by Network-blocking Analytics trackers. This means that any activity by users within this network will not be captured. If your school's network is blocking analytics, your Insights page would show almost zero activity on the charts. It would still capture activities of anyone logging in from home. You could double check with your IT department and ensure is allowed to collected analytics if you wish to see accurate data.

  • Using an add-on for your browser

In this case, a browser ad-block add-on might be blocking the tracking of Vidigami analytics. If individual members of your school(s) are using ad-block apps for their browsers, their activity will not be captured in Insights. You can suggest to your members to add to their whitelist so stats can be collected.

If you continue to encounter issues with your Insights, please contact

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