Add User to Vidigami

  • To add a new user, go to de Users Section in the Admin page and click on “Add User”
  • Fill the user information with First Name, Last Name, Email, Host ID, User Type and Role.
  • Select the check box if you want to Send and Invitation to the new user to enter Vidigami.




  • If adding a Student, the next step is to add the student's Parents.Please note,  the student needs at least one parent or guardian added to continue. 
  • Clicking on “Add New Parent” creates the user in the system. 
  • To assign an existing User as a Parent, search for the existing user in the search bar below




  • The next step is to add the user to Groups. You can add him to Groups in the current school year or in previous school years.
  • You can now add the student to one or more groups by selecting the Groups. The parents or guardians are automatically added to the selected groups.




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