Manage Group Sets

  • As an admin or manager you can create Sets within a Group to collaborate amongst admins and managers. It’s a setting that you need to turn on per Group. To turn it on, go to the “Settings” page of a Group and turn on the toggle. You will now have a tab inside a Group to view, create and manage the Shared Sets for that Group.
    • To create a Shared Set for a particular group, go the the “Shared Set” tab of that Group and click on the “Create Set” button. The admins and managers of this group can see the Share Sets.
    • Admins and managers can contribute by adding photos to the Shared Set.

  • Admins and managers can also delete a Shared Set by going inside the Set and clicking on the pencil icon on the top right. By Clicking the “Delete Set” button you will delete the Set and the collection of photos but the photos will remain the albums they already belong to.


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