Welcome to Vidigami

Welcome to Vidigami

  • Vidigami is a private, invitation-only community. As a Vidigami member, you’ll receive an email with activation instructions and an activation link. That link is the only way for you to activate your school Vidigami account.
  • Can’t find the activation email? Try your junk-mail filter or talk to your school administrator – if it’s someone other than you.

Activate your Account

  • To activate your Vidigami account, click the activation link in your activation email. this will take you to the Vidigami Account Activation page.
  • If you already have a Vidigami account – say, for another student at a different school – clicking the activation link will take you to a login page.

Register your Account

  • To register your Vidigami account, enter your account details, and read and accept the End User Agreement.
  • Once you hit Get Started, you will be logged into Vidigami.


Already have an Account?

  • If you already have a Vidigami account, click the link under the Get Started button. Enter your existing login and password to add your new school to your account, and to login to Vidigami.
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