Edit Album

  • Any user with permission to manage groups can change the album details. Click on the pencil icon in the top right hand corner of the page to make the necessary changes. You can edit the following:
    • Album Name
    • Album Description
    • Start Date
    • Year-round
    • Publish/Unpublish
    • Lock/Unlock
    • Add More Groups
    • Add/Remove Tags
    • Delete



Edit Album Name

  • Edit the album name and click on “Save” to update the Album’s name.

Edit Album Description

  • Edit the album description and click on “Save” to update the Album’s description.

Change Date

  • If you want to change the album start date which denotes a specific time when the photos were taken, go to the Edit Album page by clicking on the pencil in the top right hand corner and select a different date from the date picker.
  • If the album has pictures from all round the year or represents a collection of photos around the year, go to the Edit Album page by clicking on the pencil in the top right hand corner. Use the “Year-round” toggle bar and “Save” it to reflect the new changes.
Publish/Unpublish Album
  • Published albums are visible to everyone with viewing privileges for the group. Unpublished albums are visible only to school and group administrators. Administrators can upload to an unpublished album. This is a useful way to pre-seed albums with photos before publishing the album.
  • By default, the album’s publish feature is turned ON which means it’s visible to user with viewing privileges. If you do not want anyone to view the album and its content turn OFF on the “Publish” feature.



Lock/Unlock Album
  • By default the album’s Lock feature is turned OFF which means users with upload permissions will be able to upload. If you do not want anyone to upload photos into the album then turn ON on the “Lock” feature.
  • Only school or group administrators can Lock and Unlock albums. Locking an album blocks users photo uploads to that album.


Add More Groups

  • If the album involves multiple groups of people in different Groups (eg: more than 1 class or grade) you can add the Groups to the album so that it can now exist in all the Groups you have added. The content in the Group is co-owned by all the members of the associated Groups.



Delete Album

  • A user can delete an album in a group in which you have administrator privileges. Deleting an album also deletes all photos within that album.
  • Deleting an Album: To delete an album, click the “pencil” in the top right corner of the album page.


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