Updating Group Host IDs

If you need to update the IDs from all the Groups in the School year, Vidigami has a way for you to updated All the group IDs though Importing a CSV sheet.


You can download the Update Group IDs sheet here


  • In the Group Directory, Select the school year you want the groups to update and then click on the Export Group List button  



  • You will receive an email from Vidigami with a link to download the Group spreadsheet
  • Once you open the Group List, copy the Group Host ID column and paste it in the Update Group IDs Sheet, found here.



  • This sheet replaces the existing Group Host IDs in the sheet with new Group Host IDS.


  • Once the Update User IDs sheet is ready, import it by selecting the Update Group IDs Checkbox in the Import Group List modal. Verify the information and confirm


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