Release 4.4 | August 10, 2017

New Features
  • Import user list via CSV - admins can control onboarding of users and establish relationships between students and their families.
  • Export/Import group structure via CSV - admins can simply batch-create the same groups year over year instead of needing to manually create them individually.
  • Import members to groups via CSV - batch-add members to their respective groups, so that relevant activity from their school year is always pushed to them via feeds and notifications.
  • Flexible school year - Define start/end dates for non-standard calendar periods (e.g. Summer School). To set up a custom school period, contact us at
  • Open school year button - give activated users access to content from their school year.
  • Updated filters - Not only can you filter groups by School Year within the Group Directory, you can also easily filter users by which school year they are a part of, making searching and management quick and flexible.
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