What do I need now in order to set up Vidigami for my organization?

There are a number of steps we encourage you to follow:

  1. If you are new to Vidigami, you will be connected with a client success specialist. They will provide the designated administrator of your school with an account to access Vidigami and guide you through the process in detail.
  2. From there, you will need to export data from your school database, and use it to fill in a specific User List that can be imported into Vidigami. You can download the Users List template here.
  3. Once you complete and import the User List CSV to the system, you will be able to use assigned host ID to create relationships. Relationships between students and their families are important, as this is how Vidigami pushes photos of students to their parents or guardians. You can download the Relationships List template here.
  4. Create groups. You can either choose to create groups from your Group Directory one by one or, you can add a list of all the groups you would like to add to the school year. You can download the Groups List template here.
  5. Once your groups are set up, you will need to add members from your new User List to each of them. This ensures that relevant content is pushed to every user in Vidigami, depending on what grades, teams, clubs, or events they are a part of. You can download the group Memberships List template here.   
  6. Once all of this information has been added to Vidigami, you are ready to “open” the year.
  7. Now, simply invite your members to start using Vidigami!
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