Adding Users

Adding users in Vidigami is essential for tagging, setting permissions, and for inviting users on to the system.


To add all your school community into Vidigami: (Are you already an existing Vidigami Organization?

  1. Download the Add New Users CSV template, found here.
  2. Fill in all your new users for the year.
  3. Import the New User's sheet
  4. Verify & Confirm the spreadsheet’s information


1. Download the Add New Users CSV template

Comma Separated Value (CSV) template is a datasheet format that can be created, opened, edited, and saved in excel or apple sheets. 

Our CSV template includes the following fields:

Preferred Name First Name Last Name Email    User Type Host ID Grad Year
 Andy  Andrew  Graham  Student  12345  2020


2. Fill in all your new users for the year.

Once you have the CSV, Insert the user information for every School member (Students, parents, and Staff) you want to add to Vidigami.

The following information is required to successfully create a user:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Type: Student, Staff or Member
  • User Host ID


3. Import User List CSV to Vidigami 

Click on the Import User List button in the Admin section, Enrollment tab.

In the import list modal, select the Users 




4. Verify & Confirm the spreadsheet’s information


The system will validate all the information and send back a report for each user imported through the CSV:

  • If a user is already in the system, their user information will be updated. (names, email, user type, grad year)
  • If there is a duplicate entry in the CSV, none of the copies will be created/updated.
  • An error tab will appear in the verification table where you can see all the errors the CSV may have.
  • Note: Even if errors have been detected the CSV can be successfully imported. Errored users will be bypassed and the good users will be added to Vidigami.






The more information you provide in the spreadsheet, the easier the setup will be.

  • Assigning them an email will let you invite them to the system once the setup is finished.
  • We recommend you assign a Host ID to each of your members so that Vidigami can reference them in the following steps, making the process easier.


Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, the system will analyze and verify the information, displaying a preview of the users being added, the User information being updated and errors in the datasheet.


  • If an existing user is in the spreadsheet their user information will be updated by matching its Host ID or Vidigami ID
  • If there are duplicate entries in the spreadsheet none of them will be processed and will be marked as errors


Once confirmed, all the users are added to Vidigami.

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