Setup Overview

Congratulations! You’ve started using Vidigami. The first step is to set up your users so that everyone can be put into groups, your students can be tagged, and your community is ready.

Note: adding users does NOT mean that they have access to Vidigami. You, as the administrator, control WHEN access is granted, to WHOM it is granted, and what that access gives them permission to do on Vidigami.

Setting up your users is very simple, and takes place as follows:

  1. Adding Users
  2. Assigning Relationships
  3. Creating Groups
  4. Adding member to groups
  5. Making the year available
  6. Inviting users

The following document will take you through every step to make sure your Community is ready to benefit from Vidigami.

 If you are already a Vidigami School...

We strongly recommend you first assign Host IDs to all your existing Vidigami users. You can do this from the Users tab in the Admin page. Learn how to export user lists here

Download Onboarding Templates

You can download the templates to setup your school below:


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