Adding Members to Groups

Memberships are how we assign users to their groups. This Allows users to have easy access to their groups via the Sidebar and receive feeds and notifications relevant to them and share content with their group members.


To add all your school community into Vidigami:

  1. Download the Group Membership sheet, found here.
  2. Click on the Import Groups button in the School year page
  3. Select the Members  button
  4. Upload the Group Membership sheet
  5. Confirm the spreadsheet’s information




Memberships are assigned by linking the user IDs with the Group IDs. Vidigami highly recommends that Admins assign IDs to users and groups so that they can assign Relationships and Memberships with spreadsheets.

Note: Whenever you add students to their respective grade groups, Vidigami automatically adds their parents as well. You do not need to add parents to the "group membership" list anymore. As long as these parents are linked to their children, they will be part of the group/s their children belong to.

Once confirmed, all the groups will have the assigned memberships

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