Creating Groups

Groups are an important part of how content is stored on Vidigami and how access to content is managed. Users are “added” to a school year when they are added to a group within that school year.

Note: While Groups can still be created manually, the advanced import feature makes things easier year over year if most (or all) of the groups are the same.


To create all the groups in the school year:

  1. Download the Group Import list, found here.
  2. Click on the Import Groups button in the Group Directory page
  3. Select the Groups button
  4. Upload the Group import sheet
  5. Confirm the spreadsheet’s information


The following information is required to successfully create a group:

  • Name
  • Category
  • Group ID






The more information you provide in the spreadsheet, the easier the setup will be.


  • We recommend you assign an External ID (Host ID) to each Group so that you can reference them in the following steps making the process easier. 


Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, the system will analyse and verify the information, displaying a preview of  the Users being added, the User information being updated and errors in the data sheet


  • If an existing group is in the spreadsheet the group’s information will be updated by matching its External ID or Vidigami ID
  • If there are duplicate entries in the spreadsheet none of them will be processed and will be marked as errors


Once confirmed, all the groups are created in Vidigami.


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