Mobile Release 2.3

Bug Fixes

  • EXIF orientation – Images now taken with the newer Samsung and LG devices are not cropped or rotated.

  • iOS images – Images stored in iCloud can now be selected for upload to Vidigami.


New Features

  • In-app Camera – You can now choose to capture images from within the Vidigami app. All you have to do is select “Upload” and “Take Photo”.

  • “This is me” – Now when tagging images within Vidigami the first name you will see if you are a staff member or student is your own. This way, you can easily tag yourself in any image without searching. “This is me” is not a feature for parents.

  • Push Notifications – Notifications are now pushed to your mobile devices. All you have to do is accept “Push Notifications” from Vidigami.


Known Issues

  • In app iOS Camera lock-up – It is possible to lock up the Vidigami mobile app when changing the orientation of your iOS device while using the in-app camera. The work around for this right now is to close down your app completely and reopen it.



  • Android – We no longer support Android devices on versions 4.4 (KitKat) or older.
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