Release | August 23, 2016


The Vidigami release includes enhancements to the back end processes. In addition, this release introduces the following new features.


What’s New? 

  • Merge tags – With merge tags, you can select multiple tags on the tags page in the admin section and merge them. You can create a new tag for them all to be commonly known by.
  • Custom permissions – We will continue to use our default permissions but we now allow certain permissions to be put together to create new user types.
  • Batch select to Resend activation email – On enrolment, page use the multi select tool, they will enable the resend activation email button. An email will be sent to all users selected.
  • Reset password – On your own user profile, there is now a reset password hyper link. This will send you an email to reset your password. Administrators can also choose to send reset password email to members of their organization.
  • Change email – You can edit your own email address. The new email address will be your new login name. Parents can also edit their kids' email address. Administrators can also choose to change the email address of any member of their organization.
  • Batch add members to group – Administrators can now batch add members to groups by copying and pasting from a list using either student ID or full name.
  • Shop – Vidigami’s has a new and improved shop with new products – You can access the shop in the same way as before. Vidigami can enable and disable the Shop per organization.
  • Job Farm – Improved backend processes
  • SSO – Introducing single sign on for Finalsite and email matching for Blackbuad and Final site. Schools can now log in to Vidigami from their school site in Finalsite.
    This solution includes the “No Email” to launch a school year without email the organization members.
  • Custom email – Organizations have the ability to send customizable activation and Launch emails. Administrators can do this by selecting members from their enrollment list then selecting either Launch or Activation Reminder from the tool bar. The admin can then chose to send a custom email. Here they will be presented with a template to follow. Giving the option to customize:
    Sender Name
    Sender email
    Free text area
  • Export Enrolment list as a spreadsheet – The ability to export the enrollment list per season. This function has been added to the enrollment page. You can filter and select users or you can select all, then from the tool bar select the Export User List button. The excel spreadsheet will download with the falling data in Columns; First Name, Last Name, Email, Photos Of Link, Student Number
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